About Us

Hello and welcome to our doodle family!

We are Blake and Sarah and along with our three boys (aka the puppy handlers) we run BellaMarie Designer Doodles!

I, Sarah, have always loved animals and as a kid I knew I wanted to spend my life doing something that involved lots of animals. The options ranged anywhere from a horse farm to being a dolphin trainer! lol

Needless to say spending my days raising and training doodles alongside my family is a dream come true!

Blake grew up with a family dog and has always loved dogs, so its really been a dream for both us! It's been so much fun watching our boys grow up with puppies and cultivating their love for animals as well.

Shortly after we got married our dogs Cassie (a golden retriever) and Leo (a standard poodle) joined us and a few years later BellaMarie Designer Doodles was born, literally, and we started this adventure!

Our goal from the very beginning has been to create something very unique.  We want our dogs to be top of the line healthy and loving, but also to be able to provide very unique colors and coats.

That has continued to be our mission as we strive to produce the best of the best designer Doodles out there!

We would love to have you join our doodle family and allow us the privilege of helping you find your newest family member!