Monica (Aussiedoodle Girl)

Mom: Willow (Aussiedoodle)

Dad: Toby (Poodle)

Price: $1800 (All Major Credit Cards Accepted)

Ready To Go Now

A beautiful Aussiedoodle puppy! Both parents are non-shedding so the likelihood of shedding with these pups is extremely low.

Our best estimate of full-grown weight will be around 35-45 lbs.

We expect him to have a curly and wavy fleece coat.

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What makes our puppies different?

Close your eyes and imagine your perfect puppy.

Can you see it?  Is it trainable and playful? 

Definitely super cute and cuddly.

Comfortable with strangers, children, and in new situations?

A temperament that matches your energy level? And maybe even future superhero material i.e. a therapy dog?

If that’s what you saw, you were seeing a BellaMarie Doodle.

How can we be sure? Well, we do things differently. 

In order to be a BellaMarie Puppy:

✔ Parent dogs are tested and cleared for hundreds of genetic issues.

✔ 2 Year Health Guarantee for peace of mind

✔ BellaMarie Socialization. This makes for a calm and confident pup in new situations and around new people.

✔ Early Training

✔ Lifetime support. Questions are bound to come up. We are here for you from day 1!

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We can’t wait to get to know you and introduce you to your new furry family member!