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Below you will find our FAVORITE products for new puppies! These are time tested to prepare you and your puppy for a successful integration into your home!

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Puppy Potty Tray

Smart Paws Pad Holder

(4.4 / 5) 600+ Reviews
Designed to help the potty training process. Best used in a puppies pen at times when 100% supervision isn't possible. Holds potty pads securely to keep puppies from chewing pads and is easy to clean!

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Puppy Play Pen

Puppy Play Pen

(4.7 / 5) 8k+ Reviews
Customers like the performance, ease of assembly, comfort, appearance and size of the pet playpen. For example, they mention it works well, it's easy to put together and perfect for keeping dogs in or away from an area. They appreciate the good design and size.

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Best Dog Nail Trimmer

Doggy Nail Trimmer

(4.5 / 5) 15k+ Reviews
Customers like the performance, quality, ease of use, noise and ease of assembly of the rotary tool. They mention that it works great, is solid, well made and intuitive to charge and use. They appreciate the quiet operation and mention that the instructions are clear.

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